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Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Baldacchino, J. 2017/18 (forthcoming). The right to creative illegitimacy: Art and the fallacy of proprietary legitimation. In The Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review.

Baldacchino, J. 2017 (forthcoming). Resemblance, Choice And The Hidden: Mediterranean aesthetics and the political “logics” of an uncolonial subjective economy. In Critically Mediterranean: Aesthetics, Theory, Hermeneutics, Culture. Yasser Elhariry & Edwige Tamalet Talbayev (eds). Palgrave Macmillan.

Baldacchino, J. 2017/8. (forthcoming) Introduction. The Wiley Blackwells Encyclopedia of Art & Design Education. Volume 1: Philosophy and History of Art Education. Wiley Blackwells.

Baldacchino, J.
2017. Weak Subjects: On art's art of forgetting. Interviewed by Gert Biesta. Arts, Artists and Pedagogy. Chris Naughton et al (ed.) London Routledge.

Baldacchino, J.
2017, The travails of criticality: Understanding Peter McLaren’s revolutionary vocation. An article review of Peter McLaren, Pedagogy of Insurrection. Policy Futures in Education.
Policy Futures in Education 0(0) 1–16. DOI: 10.1177/1478210317719813

Baldacchino, J. 2017. Freedom, aesthetics, and the agôn of living in Maxine Greene’s philosophy. Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies, 39:1, 18-38, DOI: 10.1080/10714413.2017.1262153

Baldacchino, J.
2017, Art’s Ped(ago)gies: Education is not art. Art is not education. In jagodzinsky, j. (ed), What is Art Education? Essays after Deleuze & Guattari. Palgrave Macmillan.

Baldacchino, J. Chircop, J. 2017. Revolution and the politics of imagination: the aesthetics of revolution. In Economic crises and socio-political changes: Protest movements, Insurrections and Revolutions throughout History. Crises économiques et changements sociopolitiques: Mouvements de contestation, Insurrections et Révolutions à travers l’Histoire. Ibrahim Muhammed Saadaoui (ed.). Tunisian World Center for Studies, Research, and Development. Tunis: University of Tunisia. 

Baldacchino, J. 2015. Educing Art’s Indescribable Practice: Four theses on the impossibility of arts research. In Derivas: Investigação em Educação Artística, 2, 97-105.

Baldacchino, J
2015. ART ± EDUCATION: The paradox of the ventriloquist’s soliloquy. In Sisyphus: Journal of Education, 3(1), pp. 55-71.

Baldacchino, J.
2015. Art’s foreignness as an ‘exit pedagogy’. In Art’s Teachings, Teaching’s Art: Philosophical, Critical, and Educational Musings. Tyson E. Lewis and Megan J. Laverty (eds.). Springer.

Baldacchino, J.
(2015). The metier of living: Art, genocide and education. Qualitative Inquiry, 21(6), 494-503. 10.1177/1077800415581884

Baldacchino, J.
2014. Response to Walter Gershon’s Review of Art’s Way Out. Studies in Philosophy and Education. December. DOI 10.1007/s11217-014-9450-3

Baldacchino, J.
2014. Art’s asymptotic leadership: Arts leadership, education and the loss of autonomy. Visual Inquiry. 3(3), September, pp. 291-305(15).

Baldacchino, J.
2014. Art, Paralogy and Education. In conversation with Kenneth Wain’s philosophical interlocutors. In Baldacchino, J. Galea, S. Mercieca, D. (eds.) My Teaching, My Philosophy. Kenneth Wain: A Lifelong Engagement with Education. Peter Lang.

Baldacchino, J.
2014. Art’s false “ease”. Form, meaning and a problematic pedagogy. Studies in Philosophy and Education. 33, 433-450.

Baldacchino, J.
2013. What creative industries? Instrumentalism, autonomy and the education of artists. International Journal of Education through Art 9: 3, pp. 343–356, doi: 10.1386/eta.9.3.343_1

Baldacchino, J. 2013. Thalassic Lessons. Pedagogical aesthetics and the Mediterranean. In Baldacchino, J. & Vella R. (eds.) 2013. Mediterranean Art and Education. Navigating local, regional and global imaginaries through the lens of the arts and learning. Special Edition of the Mediterranean Journal of Education Studies. Sense Publishers.

Baldacchino, J. 2013. A questioned practice: Twenty reflections on art, doubt, and error. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 14(Interlude 1).

Baldacchino, J. 2013. Willed Forgetfulness: The Arts, Education and the Case for Unlearning. Studies in Philosophy and Education. 32(4), pp. 415-430

Baldacchino, J.
2012. Investment And The Divested Métier Of Arts Education. Philosophy of Education 2012. Philosophy of Education Society (US). Urbana, Illinois.

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Baldacchino, J. 2012. Sobre «Un perro que muerde su cola»: El desafío de Gramsci a la sociología del conocimiento. In Gramsci y la Educación. Carmel Borg, Joseph Buttigieg, Peter Mayo (ed.). València: Ediciones del CREC.

Baldacchino, J. 2012. ‘Relative Ignorance’: Lingua and linguaggio in Gramsci’s concept of a formative aesthetic as a concern for power. In D. R. Cole, L.J. Graham (Eds.), The Power In/Of Language. Wiley-Blackwell.

Baldacchino, J. 2011. Scholarship and art’s ambiguous objects. Preface to Gary Jim Daichent. Artist Scholar: Reflections on Writing and Research. Intellect.

Baldacchino, J. 2011. A Poetics of Timefulness: Gao Jun’s Art and the Trope of Duration. In Chinese Photography, 1(379). January. Chinese Photography Press, Beijing. (Translated and published in Chinese). [Read online] [Original English version]

Baldacchino, J. 2011. ‘Relative Ignorance’: Lingua and linguaggio in Gramsci’s concept of a formative aesthetic as a concern for power. Educational Philosophy & Theory. [Download/Read Online]

Baldacchino, J. 2010. Asymptotes: On the paradox of a supplemented omission. In Diggle, Jeremy. Apoll8. [Read Online]

Baldacchino, J. 2010. Mill-ghazla ghall-helsien. Milani, l-imghallem li jghallem. [From Choice to Freedom. Milani, the master who teaches.] In Borg Carmel (ed.) Milani. Bejn il bierah u llum. [Milani. Between now and then]. (Valletta, Malta. Horizons Publications).

Baldacchino, J. 2009. Learning with art, outwith the school: Stumbling upon Adami’s lines, inside Serra’s sequence. In Theoretical Perspectives on Comprehensive Education: The Way Forward. Hervé Varenne, Edmund W. Gordon, and Linda Lin (eds.). (Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press).

Baldacchino, J. 2009. What lies beyond the Bauhaus?: The political ‘logics’ of college art pedagogy. Australia Art Education, 32(1).

Baldacchino, J. 2009. Opening the picture: On the political responsibility of arts-based research. International Journal for Education and the Arts, 10. [Download/Read Online]

Baldacchino, J. 2008. The praxis of art’s deschooled practice. International Journal of Art & Design Education, 27(3). [Download/Read Abstract Online]

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Baldacchino, J. 2008. “The Power To Develop Dispositions”: Revisiting John Dewey’s Democratic Claims For Education. Journal of Philosophy of Education, 42 (1). [Download/Read Abstract Online]

Baldacchino, J. 2008. Art after beauty: values before standards. Analecta Husserliana vol. XCVII. [Download/Read Abstract Online]

Baldacchino, J. 2008. Between The Ironic And The Irenic: Is happiness «suspended» in contemporary art? Analecta Husserliana vol. XCVI. [Download/Read Abstract Online]

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Baldacchino, J. 1994. From ‘African Pianism’ to a New Commonwealth of Interculturalism. An Analytical Review of Akin Euba’s Modern African Music and Joshua Uzoigwe’s Akin Euba, An Introduction to the Life and Music of a Nigerian Composer. Commonwealth Music 1(2).

Baldacchino, J. 1990. An Ethereal Flute from the Mediterranean. Pan, The Journal of the British Flute Society (London), March.

Essays on Artists

Baldacchino, J. 2017. Our Sea. Catalogue Essay for Lampara: A Visual Arts Project and Exhibition by Gilbert Calleja, European Commission, Berlaymont Buildings, Brussels. June.

Baldacchino, J. 2017. Concrete abstraction. Catalogue Essay for After Illusion. Exhibition featuring 6 progressive abstract painters Niamh Collins, Jeremy Diggle, Tony Plant, Clare Wardham, Simon Williams & Iain Robertston. Penwith Gallery, Cornwall 01 April - 29 April 2017

Baldacchino, J. 2016. Pretext: the unknown. Catalogue Essay for BIG TEN(T) UW–Madison Alumni Artist Showcase. University of Winsconsin-Madison, School of Education Gallery, October 12 – December 16, 2016.

Baldacchino, J. 2013. Art’s Politics Of Obscenity. Catalogue Essay for Milkshake: A Visual Arts Project and Exhibition. St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Valletta, Malta. March.

Baldacchino, J. 2008. The Parable of Possibility. Catalogue Essay in Richard Jochum: Intersections & Interstices, Teachers College Columbia University, New York, November.

Baldacchino, J. 2008. Immanent Exteriors. A brief reflection on Martha MacLeish’s art. Catalogue Essay in Martha McLeish: Surface Structures, Indiana University.

Baldacchino, J. 2008. Formal vindications of informal meanings / Reivindicaciones formales de significados informales. Catalogue Essay in Mary Sullivan & Boris Curatolo: Wood Meets Paper, New York and Madrid.

Baldacchino, J. 2007. Barbara Howey’s Art of the Familial. Catalogue Essay for Barbara Howey: Techniques of Memory, New York.

Baldacchino, J. 2006. Found in transition. Catalogue Essay in Fong, Keygobadi, Malhorta, Paterson, Pomerantz, Toledo: Found in Transition, New York.

Baldacchino, J. 2006. To “look with”: Wei Li Zhu’s art of gentle truth. Catalogue Essay in Wei Li Zu Paintings (Aberdeen, Scotland; and Beijing, China). [Read Online]

Baldacchino, J. 2005. On Being with the work. Catalogue Essay in Cynthia Capriata: Bicho-Creatures (Teachers College, Columbia University, New York).

Baldacchino, J. 2005. (Hand held) On distant shores. Catalogue Essay for Peninsula Arts, Exhibition of works by Jeremy Diggle, New Zealand House, London UK, (May).

Baldacchino, J. 2002. Words of Belonging: After a conversation with Leena Nammari. In Leena Nammari, Belonging (Deveron Arts Publication)

Baldacchino, J. 2002. Homecoming(s). Catalogue Essay for Homecoming(s) Multi-Disciplinary Exhibition of works by Heather Delday, Moira Macaulay, Brian Grassom and Gawain Douglas. Duff House, Banff, Scotland, 2002.

Book Reviews & Arts Reviews

Baldacchino, J. 2008. Review of Charles R. Garoian & Yvonne M. Gaudelius, Spectacle Pedagogy: Art, Politics, and Visual Culture (SUNY 2008). International Journal of Art & Design Education, 27(3).

Baldacchino, J. 2008. Review of Richard Hickman, Why We Make Art And Why It Is Taught. Teachers College Record, June 10. [Read online]

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Baldacchino, J. 2007. Review of Charles Juwah (ed.) Interactions in Online Education: Implications for Theory and Practice. (Routledge 2006). Interactive Discourse. International Online Journal of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. 1(1). [Read online]

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